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Friends of the PTC Dog Park

Welcome to our site!

The Peachtree City Dog Park is located at 193 McIntosh Trail, behind the BMX track.

The Dog Park is divided into three separate fenced areas to accommodate various dog and member needs. Each section features a gazebo and outdoor seating for the humans. The ground is covered with woodchips, and bags are provided for dog waste.

Visiting the park

  • Directions
    The Peachtree City Dog Park is located behind the BMX track at 191 McIntosh Trail. Click for detailed directions.
  • Cost
    From Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, there is no charge to visit the park. Non-members pay just $1 per visit per family (up to 3 dogs at a time). Membership costs $35 per year for Fayette county residents, or $45 per year for non-Fayette county residents. Click to join.
  • Rules
    The Peachtree City Dog Park is open every day from dawn to dusk. Find out more about the park on our About page.

What YOU can do to help

The Peachtree City Dog Park is a member funded, member run park. We're all volunteers, but just because you're not on the board of directors doesn't mean you can't pitch in! Here are some things you can do every time you come to the dog park.

  • Bring your unused, intact plastic grocery bags. We keep a stash of clean bags in the green wooden bin just inside the gate of the large dog section. It has a carabiner clasp on it to discourage people from putting poop-filled bags inside, but feel free to open it up to put bags in or take them out.
  • Check to see whether the PVC tubes are empty. If they are (or if they're not full), feel free to fill them with clean bags from the green wooden bin.
  • When your dog poops, take along an extra bag and pick up any poop you see that someone else missed. Everyone gets distracted sometimes!
  • Walk the perimeter of the park with extra bags and pick up poop.
  • If you see tennis balls that are broken or bits of broken plastic or other material that doesn't belong, throw them away.
  • If the sidewalk or gazebo floor is messy, sweep it off.

Thanks for contributing to make our dog park the best in the South!